Alright, so I was digging through an old Photobucket account and I stumbled upon some photos I had saved nearly a decade ago. I downloaded them and then cleared the photobucket account, so now I'm going to share the story of...

Luna Life

Let's see... I guess it all began around 2008. I had spent the majority of my early teens on Gaia Online, the most notable of the avatar communities out there. Eventually, I started to wonder if there were other communities out there; and I found one by the name of Celainia. I remember thinking that it wasn't nearly as polished as Gaia, but it had its charm. Now, it had to have been a month or so after I joined Cel that I hit upon this one guy talking about starting a new community, called Maude Online. He invited me to join and registered there. To be totally honest, Maude Online was garbage. The avatars looked like they were constipated gymnasts, with extremely long bulky limbs and short, constricted torsos. But, it was still exciting. I got to be a part of a community in the making.

...And then it stopped.

The admin, Sanuki, had shut the project down abruptly. I didn't hear from him for almost two months, and then he messaged me out of the blue, sounding excited, almost frantic. He told me about his new community and that I needed to join it right away. And so I did. Now, Luna Life was leaps and bounds better than Maude Online. It was built on the same modified PHPBB 2 setup that Maude was, but the bases and design were completely different. And Sanuki really put his all into improving it more and more.

Eventually I became a mod on Luna Life and we were gaining members fast. The forums were nearly as active as any other community's and we were on the fast-track to becoming the top place. But right as things were at their highest, we were contacted by a game company with a cease and desist letter. Sanuki vanished, leaving the site to another admin. This admin shut the site down shortly after, and all work done on the site was lost.

After that, Luna Life quickly faded away, overshadowed by bigger communities like Rolainia and Ernya.

Here are the photos I saved from those days.

P.S - My username on Luna Life was Opium, in case anyone wanted to know.

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