So I started a new job about three weeks ago. I didn't expect to be here long, but I gotta say, it's been one of the most interesting jobs i've ever held. Here's a brief account of what's been going on as I experienced the stressful workforce of a claims adjuster:

  • I had a claim where someone wanted $50 to replace fake plants that had been squished during a move. Photographic evidence showed that the plants were almost indistinguishable from the originals. I paid them $50 anyways. Not worth fighting them over.
  • I had a claim where the guy went into excruciating detail about the amount of discomfort he was in because his bed frame was broken during a move, and rather than sleep on the mattress with it on the floor, he was sleeping on hardwood flooring with a blanket and pillow, and he didn't have any running water in his house yet, and his life was just miserable. He wanted $3000; $1200 for the bed, and $1800 because of his terrible suffering. The kicker? He filed his claimed four months after the move and never reported anything broken to the movers. His claim was denied for being untimely.
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