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3D PM box_size_notice

This MOD upgrades the PM 'box_size_notice' (originally displaying a 2D bar showing
how much space in % of the Inbox/Sentbox/Savebox has been used) to the same
3D bar used to display poll results.




13 or Older Only
Changes your registration page to allow only 13 and older to register,
negating the need for a COPPA agreement. When a user clicks 'I Agree to
these terms and am under 13 years of age' they receive a polite error
message and are re-directed to another web site after 10 seconds. Also
removes the 'COPPA Settings' section from the board configuration CP.



13 Or Older Only - Admin Options This MOD will add options in the ACP to set the redirect website, delay,
and message.
{Matt Ratcliff}
50 characters in message Forces a blank character in a string with 50 characters in a message. Against
extremely long words that forces horizontal scrolling thus destroying the design
60 Minute Time Online Extends the amount of time users are listed online from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. {Rambo4104}
Abnormal posts widening fix This MOD fix the abnormal posts widening when a large image is included in a message {-=ET=-}
Accurate BBCode Insertion Mod This mod will insert BBCode accurately into a post, (at the
caret position) instead of putting it at the bottom.
{Lord Z}

ACP Site Announcement Centre
Adds a site announcement box to the top of your forums that can be edited
easily in the admin panel. You can preview it before posting and BBCode and smilies
are supported. Latest or First post of either a forum or topic can be chosen
for announcements as well. Admin can choose who should see the Site
Announcements (All, Registered, Mods, Admin only). Separate announcements
for guests only can be shown.



ACP User Registration

Allows quick registration of new users to the board from within the ACP.
{Fountain of Apples}


ActionMod Allows actions to be taken on posts {dvandersluis}
Active Members Only Only display active members. {defender-uk}
Actual Posters Shows the number of active users in the board statistics. {Swizec}

Advanced Account Activation
Adds a fourth option for administrating how new users register. The
existing three options were to:
(1) immediately activate all new accounts (automatic activation),
(2) require that users validate their e-mail addresses (self validation),
or (3) require an admin to activate the account (admin activation).
This MOD allows the administrator to specify a "safe" e-mail domain, list of
e-mail addresses (separated by one comma and one space), or both (list of
domains and addresses) from which all new users are allowed to self-validate
(option 2), while anyone not registering with this as their e-mail address must
be validated by an administrator for safety (option 3). This fourth options
basically combines the second and third option--it just screens the candidates
in the process.



Link to Edit User/Auth in ACP This MOD will add a link to the "Edit user" / "Edit permissions" in the ACP,
so you can easily switch between the two.
View Online In Last 15 Minutes
Extends Who is Online to show last 15 minutes. {Source} 1.0.0
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