[Pox] – First of the Year

Ayyyy, it’s update time! Nothing too fancy to start off with, but it’s something. I really have been trying to sit myself down more and work on my projects, but my job takes up most of my time and what’s remaining is spent socializing with friends on Discord. That being said, I’m starting to find my groove again so update *hopefully* will be a bit quicker for a bit. Note that I’m not giving timelines; I don’t want to build that kind of expectation and let everyone down, even if it would be good motivation. Anyways, here’s the update notes:

Welcome to 2020

2019 was a weird year. I started it off trying to decide what I was even doing with my life. I don’t think I ever found the answer to that question. But I knew a few things that I wanted to accomplish, and I started them. That’s at least something. 2020 is going to bring a lot of changes, not just for Autus Developments, but for everything going on in my life. I’m about to start college, finally. I’m 10 years too late to the game, but better late than never I suppose. This of course means that my time …