[Atlas] 0.0.008a – I Hate Deadlines

I’m not sure why I said that I’d have this version out by today. I knew I had to work the weekend and I still thought I could get it all done (spoiler alert – I didn’t).

This isn’t a complete version, but it sets things up for the character creation sheet. After you’ve created your character, you’ll be whisked away to the main game world and the prologue will be wrapped up with a few twists and plot points thrown in. After all that, you’ll be left to your own devices.

The character creation sheet isn’t ready to be included in the game just yet (it’s being tested on another separate client), but when it’s done you’ll have a ton of customization options to choose from (and many more you’ll be able to customize later on).

Anyways, that’s enough empty promises from me. Here’s the changelog:

- Holly's description has been changed to remove some of the detail. I realized after finishing up the last version that I failed to convey hatred for her as I went into too much detail about her. Now it's purposely vague.
- Added more backgrounds that change as you move. There are going to be rooms where the background doesn't change; this is intentional as having to hunt down a new image for every single room in every building in the future will be a monumental task all on it's own. No thanks.
- FAQ added. As more content gets put into the game, I'll develop that more.
- Finished Quests link has been moved up some so it's closer to the Quests header, and the Finished Quests popup box has been condensed a bit so the lines aren't taking up so much space. When there's more quests added, this'll help reduce the scrolling.
- Quest 2 is done. You can now wash the dishes.
- Saving/Loading is sorta-kinda fixed. I mean, it works, but about as well as eating a PJ&J with the peanut butter and jelly on the outside of the sandwich. I'm going to continue working on it after this release; I should have it good to go in ver-9.

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