[Atlas] 0.0.009a – Holy Crap, An Update!

Yes, it’s been an eternity since I’ve done anything with these games. Sorry about that.

Here’s the next update, and it features some content! This took me far too long to complete, as it has a TON of conditional checks and new variables to update. On the upside, character customization is in (but not nearly as detailed as I want it to be). The goal was just to get something in so I could add the next bit of the prologue, but there were a metric truckload of bugs I had to fix so it took absolutely forever. As with all alpha releases (and especially with how early Atlas is into development), you can expect bugs to be prevalent. If so, just leave a comment or DM me on Twitter and I’ll make a note of it for the next version.

- Character creation is now in the game.
- Part 2 of the prologue is done and the new world has been vaguely introduced.
- Absolute ton of conditional checks and variables added.
- Probably more that I'm forgetting about but it's late and I'm sleep deprived.

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