[Atlas] Crunch Time

This is why I hate deadlines.

It’s the day of the next version release, and there’s still so much to do. The second quest is done and the third (and final) quest of the prologue is nearing completion, but it includes an aspect that I didn’t foresee being such a big hurdle: the character creation menu. Now, initially there wasn’t supposed to be so many variables to select from (and there won’t be all that many at the start). But the more I wrap my brain around it, the more I realize that I really do want a ton of customization features for your character. Immersion is an important part of a good porn game, I feel. When all is said and done, we’re looking at about 40 different attributes you’ll be able to customize for your character. And these won’t be available for just you; every single NPC you run into will use the exact same character sheet template, so they’ll be wildly varied as well.

The issue isn’t creating these variables and assigning them to you; that’s easy. The hard part is figuring out how to structure the variable arrays so that they’re easy to read and edit, but also grouped well so that they don’t bog down the game’s processing speed. Having to refresh over 40 variables every single time you do something would definitely affect performance I think, and in a combat scene (read: combat will be extremely simplistic), you’ll have two or more characters to load, each with their own character sheet of over 40 variables. Not fun.

Anyways, once the character creation is done, then it’s on to finishing the prologue story (yes, actual story), as well as setting up the first sex scene. Hooray!

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