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Well, this has been fun. I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to finalize how character stats are going to be tracked. It’s a lot of variable arrays with a lot of sub-variables. Initially I wanted you to have complete control over every little tiny aspect of your character, down to your nail type. Shortly afterwards, I realized just how unnecessary that all is. There’s no way in hell I’m going to create extra variables just so I can reference them once in a single scene and forget about them later on. Especially since every single character in the game (both player and NPC) will use the same bloated character sheets, it’s best to remove the clutter. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Here’s what the current variable list looks like:

  • SexYour biological makeup
  • Pronouns (Uppercase)You can select from a drop-down or specify your own
  • Pronouns (Lowercase)
  • Height48-84 inches
  • BuildThe way the character is physically built (toned, plush, etc.)
  • ShapeThe way the character is percieved (masculine, androgynous, feminine)
  • SkinTypeMore of a texture thing (soft, leathery, coarse) until different skin types are introduced (scales, etc.)
  • SkinColorYour skin complexion
  • HairTypeDefaults to normal and won’t be available for direct changing. Characters with scales or feathers or whatever will have this changed.
  • HairLengthShort, medium, or long
  • HairStyleMainly just for added descriptors.
  • HairColorStarts off with natural colors, but crazy ones will be available later on
  • BreastSizeI really have no idea how these next ones are gonna go
  • HasPenisWon’t have the ability to manually set from the get-go, but you can get one later on if it suits your fancy. If you want to start with one, you’ll need the select the ‘male’ option from the sex variable
  • PenisTypeugh
  • PenisLengthPlease don’t make me explain all of these
  • PenisGirthDictates if you’re built like a tuna can or not
  • HasVaginaSame thing as that ‘HasPenis’ variable, but for hoo-hahs …yeah
  • VaginalTightnessuhm
  • VaginalWetnessyikes
  • VaginalProperty – Alright, I’ll explain a little. At some point you may or may not have the ability to gain an extra “perk” that modifies your…well, you get it. Probably a few “perks” to choose from at some time or another.
  • AnalTightnessuh
  • ClassI want you to have a few different classes you can choose from that’ll slightly alter your base stats. Of course you won’t be locked into this so don’t feel like it’s a vital choice, but it will have some effect on your beginning play style.
  • DexterityThis is your accuracy with weapons. It’ll compete directly with an opponent’s evasion level.
  • StrengthRaw power. This controls how much damage you can do and what kind of gear you can use effectively.
  • EvasionYour ability to avoid damage. I’d like to clarify that this is not speed per se, but just your effectiveness at avoiding hits or fleeing combat. I’m basically combining the roles of defense and agility together because I’m lazy.
  • CharismaWhile procedural combat will be a thing, I’d like for you to be able to talk your way out of situations as well, giving way to a pacifist run. Will also help you outside of combat.
  • CharmYour effectiveness at winning the enemy’s affection. This is different than Charisma, which is purely non-sexual. Charm is a measurement of your ability to flirt and ‘woo’ the opponent.
  • Lust – A “negative” trait, lust determines how well you receive charm advancements from opponents. Lower lust is almost always preferable, unless you just like being everyone’s toy or something. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
CharacterStats (Most only apply to the player character)
  • CombatWinsSelf-explanatory. Shows how many times you’ve won a fight by beating someone up.
  • CombatLossesHow many times someone has won a fight against you, brawling or otherwise.
  • CombatEvasionsHow many times you’ve ran away.
  • CombatPersuasionsHow many times you’ve convinced someone to stop fighting.
  • CombatLustsHow many times you’ve seduced someone into submission. Kinky.
  • CombatKnockoutHow many times you’ve been beaten so badly that you’ve fainted.
  • ChildrenMotheredShows how many brats have come out of your hoo-hah.
  • ChildrenFatheredShows how many hellspawns you’ve fathered into the world.
  • QuestsStartedHow many quests you’ve started.
  • QuestsCompletedHow many quests you’ve completed.
  • EntriesUnlockedThere’ll be a journal with some info in it. A lot of that info you’re gonna have to unlock as you discover it. This shows a percentage of how much you’ve unlocked so far.

It’s important to note that, like all things, these are subject to change at any time. I’ll probably add more when I get some wild hair up my ass and want a new character trait to include in the writing or whatever. Work steadily continues on Atlas, but no deadline on the next version.

— Autus

P.S – For any Pox fans, I’m sorry. Pox is probably gonna sit on the back shelf for a bit until I can reinvigorate my inspiration for it.

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