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Pox is a game that focuses on your own choices for living. Everything is left more-or-less open-ended so you can decide how you want to live your new life. Will you work and try to keep yourself out of debt? Will you let your services default and shut yourself off in isolation inside your cold, dark apartment? Will you make friends who care about you, or will you push people away and garner their resentment? Everything is up to you.


200 years in the future, the sprawling city-planet of Pox is the hub of all interplanetary commerce and culture. It’s beauty can only be experienced in person, and opportunity awaits any and all that visit it’s surface. ….At least, that’s what the travel ads always say.

On your 18th birthday, you decide to move out of your parents’ house and make your own way in the universe. You bought a ticket with the money you’ve saved up, and set out to start a new life on Pox. But things just don’t seem to go your way. Pretty soon you find that the acclaimed “Paradise Planet” is definitely not what it’s hyped up to be.


No installation is necessary to play Pox. Simply download the .zip archive and extract it to a location of your choosing. It is recommended that you do not extract the archive to Program Files, as it’s a protected directory and may cause complications.

To update the game, download the latest version and extract it to the existing game directory, overwriting any files when prompted.


You can download Pox from the store.

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