Pox – 2019 Update Archive

Since I migrated everything to a new site this year, I decided to scrap the old games forum and whatnot. However, I don’t want to lose those updates, so I’m including them below. Feel free to read over them if you’re bored!

[0.0.1] The groundwork has been laid | 20190928

… and it’s time to get rid of those long-ass version numbers. It’s taken me quite a while to come to a decision, but with the changes made in 0.0.014a, I feel that most (if not all) of the problems I had with the game were finally fixed. As such, I’m pushing the game’s version to 0.0.1, the official start of Pox’s true development. Everything up to this point was just to get *something* out there, even if it was shitty and an eyesore. From here on out, Pox is going to be steadily growing and expanding. That means new content, and new features. I won’t go into too much detail as to what I’ve got planned just yet (so I don’t end up putting my foot in my mouth), but there are big things on the horizon.

- Felt good with the recent changes, decided to push it on up the version line.

[0.0.013] Popups! | 20190906

Heyo! Sorry for the delay on this update; the web version has been up for a week or so now, but I finally got around to packaging the Windows version and now I’m ready to post the update officially.

For starters, I’ve moved the credits to a pop-up on the title screen (instead of being hidden in the options menu). Everyone deserves to be recognized for their work. Links within the credits window will now open up a new tab or new window, depending on which version of the game you’re on.

There’s now a journal in-game. It’s pretty basic and more than a little ugly right now, but the important thing was just getting it put in. There are two tabs in the journal: Stats and Codex. The Stats page will show you information about your current game, including your character info and the furniture you currently own. The Codex, on the other hand, is a database for everything you’ll encounter in the game. At the moment, I’ve included some races that you may meet later on. I plan on expanding the journal quite a bit, but everything in due time.

A settings menu has been added, but there aren’t any actual settings to change yet. It’s not high on the priority list right now.

Creating your character has been dummy-proofed a bit. Names can no longer be blank and can only use alphabetical characters (no numbers or symbols). Additionally, the height setting can now no longer be blank and must be between 48 and 84 inches (4 to 7 feet). Attempting to do any of the aforementioned restrictions will return an error message.

Gregorian time and date has been added to the game. In order to save myself a lot of pointless manhours trying to come up with a clever time and date variant unique to Pox, we’re going to go ahead and say that the galactic community has established Earth time as the galactic standard. Various actions will result in time progressing. I haven’t added time changes for the prologue journey, but it should be a simple matter. I’ll tackle it in the next update.

Honestly not sure what’s up next in 0.0.014, but it better include a better-designed journal; that thing is just plain ugly. 😂

- Settings menu added. No settings to change yet.
- Journal added. Includes Stats and Codex tabs.
- Credits button on title screen.
- Gregorian time/date added. Follows 24h / 365d design.

[0.0.012rc] Mood and energy, eh? | 20190731

Hey look, I did some more work! I found myself pretty bored after work last night, so I stayed up till about 4AM and finished up the furniture crap. Furniture now provides you with a little improvement to your mood (+5 per piece). This should push you into the “Happy” state. It’s important to note that as of right now, the items only give you the boost once. If I should end up writing mood-killers, I’ll have to rework the items to constantly give the boost.

Elaborating on this, right now the system looks like this:

Starting mood: 0
Buy bed: 0 + 5 = 5
Buy nightstand: 5 + 5 = 10

But if I want to add mood-killers as well, I need to be constantly adjusting numbers:

++ MOOD ++
Bed: +5
Nightstand: +5
Fired From Job: -20
Total Mood: -10

I’d do it this way because the furniture should be giving a constant boost to your mood, whereas other things, like food, will give a temporary boost.

- More typos and grammatical slip-ups fixed. I suck at writing.
- Each piece of furniture now gives you [+5] to your mood. You can finally be happy! Hooray for materialism!
- Exploring will now cost you [-10] energy. Once you're out of energy, you'll be too tired to explore. Resting up will restore 50% of your energy (100% if you have the comfy bed). There's also limiters in place to ensure you don't get over 100% energy; at least, not until futuristic cocaine is introduced ...Or Skooma. Pick your poison I guess.
- Not that it's currently possible (at least with my testing), but there are also limiters placed on your mood. If for whatever reason you manage to get your mood above 50 or below -50, showering will throw it back within limits. You can never be too careful.
- Tooltips have been programmed into the game, I just have to actually add them to the buttons that need 'em.

[0.0.012b] Home Decor Ahoy | 20190729

The first pass on the apartment furniture is done. You can now actually spend what little money you have on furniture that doesn’t do anything for you (yet). Totally honest, I forgot to change the “Rest” text for when you upgrade your bed and there’s an issue with the bare room being described as having carpet when the new items claim the room has a concrete flooring. A tiny oversight that’ll be fixed in the final release of version 0.0.012.

- Fixed some typos. Real simple mistakes here and there.
- Added furniture to your apartment. It can all be bought from Max’s Goods in the Market. *Item effects are not currently in; they will be present for version 0.0.012(rc).*
- Added energy and happiness stats (not working ATM, just placeholders basically).

Hey, guess what? Version 0.0.012b is almost done | 20190725

Yep, it’s been a million years, but I finally forced myself to sit down and get shit done. Version 0.0.012 is all about your apartment, and the beta version expands on the previous shower and resting stuff by adding… decor. You will now be able to buy all sorts of stuff for your apartment, which will serve different purposes. Version 0.0.012b, being an early test build of this iteration, will have all items being sold at 1 Mark ($1), since you kinda sorta don’t have a job yet. The items also will not serve much more of a purpose than to change up descriptions and actions a bit. Actual stat benefits will be completed in the final draft of this iteration.

Still cranking on a calendar and time system but I don’t want to use the standard Gregorian one; I want Pox to have its own system. More on that in version 0.0.013, hopefully.

Anyways, 12b should be released by Monday.

[0.0.012a] Washing and sleeping, finally | 20190506

Sorry it’s taken so long to get anything out. Work has been stressful and my migraines are coming on more. Even still, I did manage to get a lot written and you’ll see more of it here in the next coming weeks. This update is the ‘alpha’ version of 0.0.12 and was mainly pushed so I’d at least have something to show.

I set up the market for the other shops as well. I’d like to make it clear that while there will be shops, most of the items you’ll be able to buy will not be displayed in any inventory; housing upgrades, food for morale boosts, etc. You will be able to get clothes at a much later point, but they’ll cost a good bit (because fashion isn’t cheap) and they won’t really serve a purpose…at least not that I’ve planned, anyways.

I can’t say when 0.0.012b will be out, but it *should* be sooner rather than later.

- Added 'Shower' and 'Rest' options for your apartment. They don't do anything right now, but in the future they will give you a small morale improvement and restore your energy, respectfully. Sleeping will also advance time forward 8 hours (when time has been added to the game).
- Added a bit to the Market. Most of the Market stores has been written, but I only got around to adding the first store.
- Changed the button menu again. It's left-aligned (like it was in older versions) but I have them properly spaced now, so it looks better IMO.

Gonna be a delay | 20190429

Hey guys. Hate to say it but version 0.0.012 is going to take a bit longer. I’ve been working an absolute ton and just haven’t been feeling well enough to sit down and crank on Pox.
I do have a lot more content written already and it’s *mainly* coded in properly, but I still have more to write and a lot more to test before I’ll be ready to release the next update.
Again, I’m sorry about the delay; as soon as I stop feeling like shit, I’ll push the update out.

[0.0.011] Optimization and better reading | 20190410

If you tried v0.0.010b (which, let’s be honest, nobody did because nobody knows this game even exists), you’ll remember that you had to scroll back up to the top of the next page to keep reading. For some reason the scrollbar likes to retain it’s position even after a new page is loaded. I’m happy to say that’s been fixed. Yippie!

Also, background images should be much faster loading now. Reduced the file sizes from ~2mb to <200kb each. That should help reduce the blinding white light when going to a new area with a new background. (Hopefully I can fix that too so that your eyes don’t bleed.)

Anyways, next version’s going to have a lot more content in it, but again, this is just the first pass. I want to sketch out the game world before really digging into the story and making everything truly enjoyable to read. Much love, homies!

- Pages now reset scroll position upon transition. No more having to scroll up to continue reading on the next page.
- Optimized images for web. Images should load much, much quicker now.

[0.0.010b] Background Galore | 20190408

Finally got around to doing some more work with Pox. Something I’ve been wanting to implement from the start is multiple backgrounds that change based on your location. I’m happy to say that this is now in the game. As you visit different locations or unlock new things, your background images will change. Please note that the images are currently not optimized, so background load times will be slow.

- More background changes. These are not optimized yet so they may take a while to load in.
- Fixed that annoying two-pixel difference in width between the header/button menu and the textbox.
- Fixed spacing issues with text.
- Added options menu and credits list (incomplete). The options menu is only available on the main menu for now, but eventually I want to have it available at all times.