[Pox] – First of the Year

Ayyyy, it’s update time! Nothing too fancy to start off with, but it’s something. I really have been trying to sit myself down more and work on my projects, but my job takes up most of my time and what’s remaining is spent socializing with friends on Discord. That being said, I’m starting to find my groove again so update *hopefully* will be a bit quicker for a bit. Note that I’m not giving timelines; I don’t want to build that kind of expectation and let everyone down, even if it would be good motivation. Anyways, here’s the update notes:
- Added objectives tab in the journal. This is pretty much the equivalent of a quest system.
- Added inner div element on journal so it fits better with the drop shadow.
- Changed save files to not include passage description. For now, it'll only display the date and time the file was saved. Hopefully in the future, I'll have that fixed so you can enter a custom save title.
- Button menu now has disabled button spaces to preserve menu shape.
- New-new Settings menu. I actually know how to do what I wanted to do before but the old built-in menu wasn't going to cut it.
- Shower option at home has been temporarily disabled. When I was re-writing the character creation, I realized I had a lot of character options that I never had any definite plans to use later in the game. As such, I need to re-write the shower text to remove those unused variables and to better describe the ones that I choose to keep. It should be back in v0.0.1.2.

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